Holding Company "Ukrspetstechnika"

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The main purpose of the complex: Detection and identification of airborne moving objects and UAVs with a small effective reflective surface, monitoring the spectrum, determining the frequency range and structure of UAV control commands, maintaining a database archive, automatic transmission of radar information to the command post, firing complexes, combat modules, setting sighting and barrage interference in the ranges of control and telemetry commands, suppression of GPS / GLONASS navigation […]

‘ANKLAV’ complex   ‘ANKLAV’ complex is intended for creation of jamming to receivers tuned on frequencies of GLONASS and GPS navigation systems. The channels of management and telemetry, which are used in UAVs and high-precision weapon, can also be jammed by ‘ANKLAV’. Technical details:   Jamming range: – with directional antennas up to 40 km. – with omnidirectional antennas up to 20 km.