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Radar “BARSUK-A”

112L1 “Barsuk-A” is surface portable radar mounted on a rotating support (on a tripod or statioinary) and provides detection of persons, surface land and sea vehicles.
It can be used to provide security of land and sea areas of state borders, for the protection of military, administrative and service buildings (warehouses, nuclear power plants, residences of important people, etc.) in all weather conditions in the absence of optical visibility.
Detection and identification of the target is carried out in automatic mode. At the same time on the screen of the portable computer displayed a mark of the target which data is automatically stored in the log with the number, range, azimuth, speed and signature with reference to a map.
Also it is possible to unite multiple radars in one system connected with TV and IR cameras for identification of detected targets.
Technical details:

Detection range:
– Person 1,6 km
– Vehicle 2 km
– Watercraft 1,6 km
– azimuth
– range 25 m, 50 m
Transmitted power 0,075 W
Recognition mode Automatic
Representation PC
Weight 15 kg
Azimuth view sector 360°
Operating temperature -30°…+50°С
Voltage 12 V