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Remote Workplace of “Malachite” radar


  • representation of information about aerial situation revealed by “Malachite” radar
  • connection to Automated Command Center
  • documenting

The Remote Workplace is able to transfer (if necessary) data to 3 (three) similar Workplaces.

The Remote Workplace performs:

  • receiving of video data and data about radar plots after preliminary processing of radar signal
  • receiving of data after secondary processing of radar signal
  • time synchronization with M5.1 and M5.2 of “Malachite” radar
  • representation in different scales (400, 350, 300, 250, 200, 150, 100, 50, 25 km):
    • video data coming after preliminary processing
    • preliminary plots
    • secondary data in form of target’s tracks
    • target’s logs
    • ADF grid
    • map
    • zones: blank, auto tracking blockage, radiation blockage
  • operation in ZOOM mode
  • transferring information about aerial situation to Automated Command Center (ACC)
  • screenshots documenting

documenting of preliminary and secondary information of aerial targets