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Radar “Malachite”

Interference-immune VHF radar with digital processing and automatic data transmission MALAKHIT radar is intended for:

– automatic detection, determination of the current coordinates (azimuth, range, course, speed and altitude in conjunction with the PRV) and parameters of the trajectory of movement;

– automatic transmission of data on tracked targets to the command post, as well as to consumers of radar information when used as part of RTV and ZRV radar reconnaissance units in conditions of intense images from the underlying surface and ground objects, the action of organized active, passive and combined interference;

– detection and tracking of targets with small RCS using stealth technology;

– detection and tracking of targets in the sea area.

The main directions of the development of the “Malakhit” radar included the introduction of: digital signal processing, primary and secondary processing of radar information, equipment for compensating for active noise interference, a digital tracking system for moving targets, automatic data transmission to distant information consumers, determining the radial speed of air targets, as well as the use of transistor transmitter.

The digital processing and display system is implemented on the basis of industrial computers and video monitors of automated workstations (AWP) and provides:

– detection and coding of the received echo signals with the formation of target marks and their display on the screen of a color monitor;
– selection of moving targets against the background of natural and organized passive interference;
– control of the radar operating modes;
– automatic control of radar performance and display of control results;
– simulation mode for training personnel;
– creation of target forms with the definition of azimuth, range, speed, altitude (when coupled with the PRV) and nationality (when coupled with the NRZ);
– formation and display of trajectories with the determination of the parameters of the movement of targets based on the received marks;
– automatic transmission to the automated command post of data on the trajectories of targets on each survey using the APD channel;
– interfacing with a radio altimeter of the PRV-16A type;
– interfacing with an interrogator of the “Password” or “Kremniy” type.

Tactical and technical characteristics:

The number is automatically detected targets with the formation of runs and the transfer of data to the consumer for a review of the operation zone 256
Detection range of a MIG fighter (at altitudes> 10 km.), Km 400
Minimum target detection range, km 2,5
Detection range of small low-flying targets (height ≈300 m), km 30-70
Maximum range in the passive jamming zone, km up to 400
Maximum target detection height, m 20000
Minimum target detection height, m On the surface of the earth and water area
Reducing the detection range of targets under the action of active interference acting on the side lobes of the antenna. ≤40
Root mean square errors in determining the coordinates of targets in the absence of interference:
— range, m 107
— azimuth, 0,32
— speed, m / s 7,0
— by range, km 0,45
— azimuth, deg. <6
Distance to the remote control post for the operation of the radar (to the remote ICO), m 1000
MTBF, h 2000
Radar power consumption, kW. 6,5
Providing interfacing with future Automated Command Posts Provided