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Muzzle velocity radar system is designed to measure the initial speed of ballistic objects (shells and bullets) of any caliber. The device can be placed on a tripod or on mounting on self-propelled guns or tanks. It can be integrated with artillery firing systems.   Technical characteristics: Frequency band Ka-band Transmitted power ≤ 80 mW Velocity range 50 – 2000 m/s Measurement error ≤ 0,1 % Shell caliber 4,5 – […]

“Biskvit-KB” radar is designed for radar reconnaissance of positions of mortars, multiple launch rocket systems, large-caliber artillery and provides automated transmission of radar data via communication channels to perspective Automated Systems and Automated Command Centers. The radar is performed on the basis of digital beam forming (DBF) phased array. Constructive solutions allow installing the radar on LAVs, common vehicles or stationary objects. Detection range: 120 mm mortar ammunition– up to […]

Purpose: representation of information about aerial situation revealed by “Malachite” radar connection to Automated Command Center documenting The Remote Workplace is able to transfer (if necessary) data to 3 (three) similar Workplaces. The Remote Workplace performs: receiving of video data and data about radar plots after preliminary processing of radar signal receiving of data after secondary processing of radar signal time synchronization with M5.1 and M5.2 of “Malachite” radar representation […]

Radar ‘MALACHITE-M’ Noise-immune digital radar ‘MALACHITE-M’ is intended for air target and ground targets reconnaissance. ‘MALACHITE-M’ provides detection and location of the target as well as radar data transmission in automatic mode.      

Interference-immune VHF radar with digital processing and automatic data transmission MALAKHIT radar is intended for: – automatic detection, determination of the current coordinates (azimuth, range, course, speed and altitude in conjunction with the PRV) and parameters of the trajectory of movement; – automatic transmission of data on tracked targets to the command post, as well as to consumers of radar information when used as part of RTV and ZRV radar […]

Mobile complex of surface recognition  “JAB” Complex provides: – automatic detection (with radar) and receiving detail information (with visual channel) about surface moving targets geographically referenced and with output of the information to command center; – automatic affixment of the complex on the terrain with the help of satellite navigation systems; calculation and record route traffic at PC; Technical details: TV channel 36х – vehicle 6,6 km. Radar detection range: […]