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“LIS-3M” Radar

Radar can be installed on a tripod (portable version), at vehicle (mobile version) or stationary (at mast or building). It provides detection of moving persons, surface land and sea vehicles.

Detection and identification of targets is carried out in automatic mode. On the screen of the computer the marks of targets are displayed with data which are added automatically to the log with number, range, azimuth, speed and signature of targets with reference to a map and geographical coordinates (WGS-4 or SK-42) using GNNS receiver data.

Software features allow integration of multiple radars in one system connected with TV and IR cameras which provides uninterrupted radar detection area and visual identification of detected targets with possibility to estimate their threat level.

Technical characteristics:

Detection range:
– person 4 km
– vehicle 8 km
– UAV 6 km
– helicopter 12 km
– azimuth
– range 25 m
– continuous mode 10 W
– pulse mode 15 W
Recognition mode Automatic
Representation PC
Weight 60 kg
Azimuth view sector 360°
Operating temperature -30°…+50°С
Voltage 24 V