Holding Company "Ukrspetstechnika"

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The private joint-stock company “Holding Company Ukrspetstekhnika” (code EGRPOU 23724999) informs on holding an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders on June 12, 2017 at 11:00. By location of the Company: 03022, Kyiv, ul. M. Maksimovich 2, of. 1. Registration of shareholders (representatives of shareholders) entitled to participate in the general meeting, in accordance with the list of shareholders folded condition for 24 hours 06.06.2017., Will be held at the venue of the general meeting from 10:00. Up to 10: 45years. 12.06. 2017. The agenda:
1. Selection of members of the counting commission. Election of the Chairman and Secretary of the General Meeting of Shareholders.
2.On fulfillment of major transactions.
3. On approval of the conditions of contracts concluded with appraisers of property of the company, approval of the amount of payment for their services.
4. Approval of the market value of the property.
5.On the foundation of other legal entities.
Information on the circle on each of the issues included in the draft agenda of the general meeting of the Company is posted on the Internet on the Company’s own website http://ust.com.ua/. To participate in the meeting it is necessary to have with you the identity card of the shareholder or his representative; But for representatives of shareholders; Also a power of attorney for the right to represent the interests of shareholders at the general meeting, executed in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation. Shareholders can familiarize themselves with the materials in preparation for the general meeting at the above address, from 10:00. Until 11: 00year. (On working days) and on the day of the meeting at the venue from 10:00 to 10:45, Responsible person Ruban VA Telephone for information: (044) 257-99-22.
Board of JSC “HC” Ukrspetstekhnika “.